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Cooking for two just got easier! I love creating small recipes with simple ingredients anyone can enjoy. Being a home chef, I try to create everything from scratch using ingredients I grow in my garden, or from a local market.  Being in Portland gives me access to so many amazingly fresh ingredients that I cannot wait to turn into something delicious!

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Baked Coconut Chips

Baked Coconut Chips Coconut chips are a great healthy alternative to munching on potato chips!  Plus once you have them, you'll never want to go back to regular chips again 🙂 Introduction About this Recipe By: Kelli South Something everyone knows about me is that I...

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Rosemary Rolls Recipe

Rosemary Rolls Surprise your loved ones and friends with some fresh homemade bread!  These rosemary rolls are easy to make and just as easy to devour 😉 Introduction About this Recipe By: Kelli South This is one of those foods that I always make for my husband with...

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Kolaczki Cookies

Polish Kolaczki Cookies RecipeJust think of cheese danish pillows dusted in sweet powdered sugar.  These little bites of heaven are perfectly sweet with a hint of savory.Servings 4Ready In: 2hrs 45minCalories: 610Good For: Lunch & DinnerIntroduction About this...

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Glazed Rainbow Carrots

Glazed Rainbow Cooked Carrots Recipe Carrots are not only good for the eyes, but rainbow carrots are easy on the eyes too.  These rainbow carrots are glazed in a savory-sweet thyme brown butter. Servings 4 Ready In: 2hrs 45min Calories: 610 Good For: Lunch &...

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Easy Baked Ziti Recipe

Baked Ziti for 2 This baked ziti is made with 4 cheeses and 10 delicious layers, alternating between a savory tomato sauce, a rich and herby ricotta filling, ziti noodles, and melted cheese!  What could go wrong?!? Introduction About this Recipe By: Kelli South Every...

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