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I am a huge believer on you are what you eat and am actively working on making most of my food and household items from scratch!  There are so many products out there with an ingredient list of things I can’t pronounce and clearly were not grown in nature.  My answer is why not make it myself?

After moving to Portland, Oregon, my passion for healthier cooking and eco-friendly cleaning exploded to include gardening, composting, zero waste, bulk shopping and giving back to my community.

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Small serving recipes for meals, side dishes, desserts and bread!


Backyard to table home gardening blogs and growing experiences.

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From kitchen hacks to eco friedly cleaning and green living.

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Homemade Pretzel Rolls Recipe Don't let baking bread scare you! This is an easy, delicious pretzel roll recipe anyone can make. Introduction About this Recipe By: Kelli South Pretzel bread is one of those things that goes well with just about anything.  And I am a...

Beef and Broccoli Recipe

Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry Chinese take-out made right in your kitchen!  My beef and broccoli is take-out tasty but cooked at home using only a few simple ingredients.  This recipe will make you re-think ordering out. Introduction About this Recipe By: Kelli South...